【daily】Manel Kape vs Alexandre Pantoja


It's finally Manel Cape's UFC debut!

I'm sure a lot of Japanese mixed martial arts and RIZN fans are wondering about this Cape's debut fight.

Manel Cape is well known in Japan because of his appearances in RIZIN, and the episode where Cape hugged and comforted Kanna Asakura when she was crying after her loss, or the story where he ran up to Horiguchi and kissed him on the forehead first when he TKOed Kai Asakura in the bantam championship, those stories are relatively famous.

Manelcape is a good guy.

I think that is the common perception of Japanese martial arts fans.

Pantoja is a member of the same prestigious ATT team as Horiguchi.
As of February 2021, he is ranked #5 in the UFC flyweight division.

Pantoja participates in TUF, which is also known as Load To UFC in the perception of Japanese martial arts fans, and I believe he has established a friendship with Ohgikubo, who participated in TUF from Japan.

On TUF, Ohgikubo and Pantoja fought, and Ohgikubo won.
However, he was not a member of ATT at that time, and moved to ATT after participating in TUF, so it's not as if anyone can become stronger at ATT.

In fact, he is the 5th ranked flyweight in the UFC, so there is no doubt that he is a talented fighter.

By the way.
Pantoja lost to Ogikubo, and Ogikubo lost to Asakura Kai.
Asakura Umi lost to Manelcape, so based on that fact alone, it would seem that Manelcape has the upper hand, but that's not how martial arts work!
And that's the interesting part.
And that's the interesting part. If Ohgikubo and Manelcape were to fight, I think Ohgikubo would win.

I'm starting to wonder if Asakura Kai was really that strong last time...


The RIZIN bantamweight championship was decided by Manelcape vs Asakura Kai after Horiguchi gave it up, so it's not a belt he won by beating Horiguchi.

Manelcape's RIZIN record, surprisingly, is not that impressive.
He's never beaten the so-called "Four Heavenly Kings of Bantam"...
(As I mentioned last time, I have personally beaten Kai Asakura twice, but...)

win:Kai Asakura
Win: Weiya Mizugaki
win:Moriichiro Ito
lose:Yuryuka Sasaki
win:Yusaku Nakamura
lose:Kai Asakura
lose:Kyoji Horiguchi
win:Ian McCall
win:Arsene Yamamoto

When you see this record, what do you think? He lost to Uruka and didn't play with the other four heavenly kings.
I still think that he can't beat Ogikubo.

He was the RIZIN bantamweight champion "just like Horiguchi" on a factual basis, but when you think about it on a merit basis, I'm not so sure.

Off topic, but I think Pantoja will win easily in Manelcape's debut fight.

Manelcape is a good guy. I'm sure he's a good guy, but I'm not so sure that a champion who just won the vacant belt against Asakura Kai can win against a fighter who has risen to #5 in the world's top UFC rankings.

Maybe I don't want the ATT illusion to be broken yet. LOL.

I'm predicting no decision and a Pantoja finish!


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